Going on her eleventh year teaching and in various leadership roles, Charlotte Hodgson has actively pursued trainings, workshops, internships, mentorships, and taken classes surrounding the child development and education field. One year, she spent several months interning at the Evergreen Community School learning about their Constructivist approach, 5 weeks at the Oak View Child Care Center researching ways to help young children foster development in early numeracy, completed her Director Mentor Program, completed all requirements for a Site Supervisor’s Permit, and maintained active participation as a board member in the Child Development Club at LBCC. In concurrence, she was a substitute teacher for the JCC in Long Beach, and taught for the K-8 Virtual Public Schools where she monitored progress, attendance, and supported families in a virtual environment.  Charlotte Hodgson worked in the brick and mortar setting for three years as a 6th grade teacher and then the last 7 years supporting homeschoolers in grades Tk-12th grade.  She has a passion for helping students and adults achieve the necessary steps to lead them to success in education. Charlotte Hodgson especially strives to be directly involved in enhancing the physical, social, and emotional growth of young children. Finally, Charlotte Hodgson received her Masters in Education and Human Development from the University of LaVerne and will be a learner for life.  Currently, she is the Co-Founder, Teacher, and Executive Director for California Enrichment Academy with Inspire Charter Schools.